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Repair Your Hair With a Shower Filter

Does your hair get dry and unmanageable after you swim in a chlorinated pool?  Did you know that you’re pretty much soaking your hair in pool water every time you take a shower?

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Natural Solutions for Slow Hair Growth

Our hair is a major component of our overall appearance.  For some, their hair is a great source of pride; for others, it’s a personal statement.

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vinegar rinse for hair

The Natural Benefits of a Vinegar Rinse for Your Hair

Healthy looking hair is something every woman strives to achieve and maintain, though this can be easier said than done, especially with all the styling and coloring and general abuse we put our hair through on a daily basis.

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sulfates in shampoo

Three Important Reasons to Avoid Sulfates in Shampoo

There’s no question that when it comes to choosing a good shampoo, there are literally thousands of options. But the right shampoo can make all the difference in the health and overall appearance of your hair, so making the right choice among this overwhelming assortment can be a big deal.

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