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Hairfinity is a daily vitamin supplement that was developed to aid natural hair growth.  It was specifically designed for those who have problems with hair breakage or shedding, or for those who just want a healthier-looking head of hair.


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The premise behind this product is that a healthy body is the most suitable environment for healthy and wholesome hair to thrive and grow well, and conversely, a state of poor physical health may also lead to one’s hair being in a poor state of health.

Who’s it For?

Hairfinity is suitable for all people, both women and men, whose hair is breaking, shedding, or simply not growing at all.  The product is ideal for people who want a natural solution that will quickly address their hair problems.  Unlike external hair products, Hairfinity can be used for all hair types with no concern that it will weigh down thin hair or cause excessive dryness in dry or frizzy hair.


As mentioned earlier, the product is based on the philosophy that a healthy body will automatically create a suitable environment for healthy hair to grow.  In order to achieve this, Hairfinity contains the the basic nutrients needed for overall physical health.  This viewpoint translates that a good rate of metabolism and a strong immune system are critical factors required for growing healthy hair quickly.

One ingredient is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), which is known to extend the natural hair growth phase and allows for increased hair lengths to be achieved.  MSM is a natural sulfur present in many kinds of food.  MSM has been found to naturally increase the duration of one’s hair growth phase which enables one’s hair to grow for a longer period of time than normal.

Despite the fact that MSM can be found in various types of food, studies have shown that conventional cooking methods would usually substantially reduce MSM’s effectiveness when in this form, and that is why MSM is also included in the Hairfinity formulation.

Another vital ingredient of the product, named Biotin, stimulates cell growth, the formation of essential fatty acids, the metabolism of fats, as well as amino acids.

In addition to MSM and Biotin, Hairfinity also contains the following vitamins and nutrients: Vitamins A, C, D, B-1, B-2, B-3 (Niacin), B-5 (Pantothenic Acid), B-6, B-9 (Folic Acid), B-12, as well as Calcium, Gelatin and Silica.  All of these nutrients and vitamins are blended into a unique formulation to encourage faster growing of hair, as well as longer and healthier hair.

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How to Use

The product’s serving size is stipulated as 2 capsules per day and each container has 30 capsules, meaning that it contains a full month’s supply of the product.

The rate of hair growth will vary from person to person and case to case, but many of Hairfinity’s customers mention a growth rate of a 3/4 inch to 1 inch per month.  Typical hair growth without Hairfinity is 1/2 inch or less per month.


  • Studies have shown that hair growth vitamins might be able to increase one’s natural hair growth rate by as much as 200%.
  • Hairfinity contains all natural dietary supplements, such as natural vitamins and nutrients.
  • There are no reported negative side effects produced by the vitamins and nutrients in the product.  In fact, the majority of customers mention that they get improvements in the health of their nails and skin on top of that.  Furthermore, there are also no negative side effects whenever one stops using the product.
  • The vitamins and nutrients in the product will only cause hair on the scalp to grow and it will not affect hair growth on other parts of the human body.
  • The product is inexpensive in relation to the high expenses associated with hair replacement surgery, or maybe even some types of scalp and hair treatments.
  • The product is produced in FDA approved facilities which comply with the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration, the FDA.


  • Results are not instant.  It might take a month or two to see positive Hairfinity results, although a lot of Hairfinity’s customers state that they achieve a hair growth rate of a 3/4 inch to 1 inch per month.
  • In order to get the desired results, it is crucial that you absolutely have to take your hair growth vitamins every single day as directed in the proper daily dosages.
  • It is important to note that hair growth vitamins are actually just a treatment rather than a cure.  Hair loss caused by a serious medical condition may not respond as well to Hairfinity.

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 Hairfinity Customer Reviews

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2 Responses to “Hairfinity Reviews”

  1. Cynthia Moore Reply at
    Product Overall
    Ease of Use

    Hairfinity REALLY works!!

    What is your hair type?: Black thin relaxed
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    Feedback: 28 positive, 6 negative
  2. davida short Reply at

    I have used hairfinity for 6months and I love it my hair has grown down my back and has gotton thick I still cant believe it. Then I had a sew in and my mom cut most of my hair so now I have to start over. I know it wont take long for it to get back to where it was. I love it and will continue to use it till my hair is in the middle of my back.

    What is your hair type?: thin
    Would you buy it again?: Yes

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    Feedback: 49 positive, 5 negative

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