Hairfinity vs. Hair Essentials Hair Vitamins

If you are experiencing hair loss, you have three options: you can try prescription hair regrowth treatments, you can use natural hair stimulating products, including topicals and hair vitamins, or you can just deal with it. If you are like most people, the latter is not an option.

Today, rather than just “dealing” with hair loss, many people are trying out natural vitamins for hair growth – and finding that they work. Two of the most common vitamins for hair growth are called Hairfinity and Hair Essentials. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between the two products, as well as which is the best option for you.

Hairfinity – What is it?

Hairfinity is an oral vitamin that is used to increase natural hair growth.  Using a special blend of nutrients, Hairfinity can help to promote faster hair growth, as well as healthier hair.  According to their claims, these vitamins can increase the rate of growth by up to two hundred percent!

Hair Essentials – What is it?

Like Hairfinity, Hair Essentials is an herbal vitamin that is taken orally. It also promotes healthier hair and faster growth. According to their claims, most users report that these vitamins increase the rate of growth between seventy-five and one-hundred percent.

Hair Essentials – How does it work?

Hair Essentials works in two steps.  Firstly, it targets the hormone known as dihydrotestosterone.  This is the hormone that shrinks your hair follicles, reduces your nutrients, weakens your hair shaft, and causes hair loss.  Once dihydrotestosterone has been targeted, Hair Essentials goes on to provide your hair with the nutrients that it needs to grow.  As it does so, hair becomes nourished and grows back strong and healthy.

Hairfinity – How does it work?

Hairfinity vitamins contain a variety of nutrients that are necessary for our hair to thrive.  Key nutrients such as MSM and Biotin work to promote cell growth, thereby increasing the rate at which hair grows and allowing it to grow longer than it normally would.

Hairfinity vs. Hair Essentials – How does it work?


  • Both Hair Essentials and Hairfinity provide the hair with nourishment, allowing it to grow back stronger, healthier, and faster than it otherwise would.


  • While Hairfinity simply provides the hair with nourishment, Hair Essentials goes one step further to prevent hair loss from occurring in the first place.

Hairfinity – When will I start seeing results?

According to Hairfinity users, most people who use the product will begin to see results within the first month of use.  According to their website, Hairfinity users can expect their hair to grow approximately ¾ to 1 inch per month.  Of course, like any other vitamin or medication, everybody will react differently to the product and individual results may vary.

Hair Essentials – When will I start seeing results?

Many Hair Essential users report that they see a difference in one month as well.  Having said that, the makers of Hair Essentials suggest that, because hair growth takes time, results may take up to 90 days (or three months) to see.

Hairfinity vs. Hair Essentials – Overall


  • Both Hairfinity and Hair Essentials work for men and women of all ages.
  • Neither Hairfinity nor Hair essentials will cause hair growth on other parts of the body.  Both products are designed specifically for hair growth on the head only.
  • Both Hairfinity and Hair Essentials should be used with caution.  Neither product should be used by women who are pregnant or nursing.  Regardless of which product you use, you should always consult a family physician before taking them.  While Hairfinity and Hair Essentials are relatively safe to use, there may be some medications or conditions that they should not be used with. A doctor will be able to give you more information in this aspect.
  • There are no known side effects to proper usage of Hairfinity or Hair Essentials.


  • Hair Essentials claims that hair growth will continue after product use is concluded.  Hairfinity simply states that there are “no side effects to stopping product use.”
  • Hair Essentials contains over 20 herbs and ingredients that have been proven effective (through scientific research) for the regrowth of hair.
  • When you purchase Hairfinity, you will not only get the vitamins that you need for growth, but you will also get a package that describes other things that you can do to promote hair growth, such as dietary changes.

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So which product is the right choice for you?

That really depends on your own personal preferences.  If you do not experience a lot of hair loss and are simply looking for a product to promote faster growth and healthier hair, Hairfinity may be the better option.  If you do experience hair loss, Hair Essentials may be the better choice as, in addition to promoting hair growth, it also fights against hair loss.

Regardless of which product you choose, be assured that these products work and that you will soon see longer and healthier hair shine through.  Always keep in mind that, regardless of which hair vitamin you use, you should always consult your physician before buying.  Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid using Hairfinity and Hair Essentials, and everyone else should take caution before they do.  For best results, always combine the use of these products with other healthy hair care routines.  If you combine healthy dieting with safe and effective hair care and Hair Essentials or Hairfinity vitamins, you will soon see a whole new you with a whole new head of hair!

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