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How to Find a Product to Review

You can find a product by:

  • By Name:  Use the “Search for a Product” box on the sidebar (right under “Top 10 Products”)
  • By Category:  Select a category from the drop-down menus at the top of the site

If you can’t find the product that you want to review, use our Add a Product Form to request to have a new product added.

How to Leave a Review

To leave a review for a product already listed on our site, go to the product page and scroll down to the bottom to the section that says “Leave a  Review or Comment.”

To Leave a Text-Only Review

Type in your name, email address, website (optional), and review, including any additional text fields under the review box.  Don’t forget to rate the product on our star rating system! (0 stars = bad; 5 stars = good)

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To Add Photos to Your Review

You can do this one of two ways.

If you have your photos uploaded to a website already, such as, click the link next to “WANT TO ATTACH PHOTOS?” under the review box. Once you upload your photos to a website like TinyPic, paste the URL into the box that pops up after clicking “You can add photos to your review by clicking here.”

Your photo URL will be pasted into your review.  You can do this for as many images as you’d like.

Submit a Photo Review

If you do not have your photos uploaded to a website, you can send them in an email to  Please provide your name, email address, and product you are reviewing.


To Add Videos to Your Review

To add a video to your review, all you need to do is upload it to YouTube and paste in the “Share” link (click the “Share” button right under your YouTube video for the shareable link) to your YouTube video anywhere into your review.

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Questions About Adding a Review?

Use our Contact Form to contact us with any questions.

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