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Wow, my hair looks awesome!

Why?  Well, thanks to the leading online beauty shop, Flat Iron Experts, I recently had the honor of trying out a KQC 1″ X-Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron. It’s one of their most popular models and retails at their site for $159.95.

Here’s the package that Flat Iron Experts sent over:

I have a natural curl/frizz to my hair, so a flat iron is a “must” so I don’t look walk around looking like a furry beast. I’ve only owned one flat iron which has been serving me pretty well, or so I thought, although I felt that it probably wasn’t living up to some of the better quality flat irons.

For the last ten years, I have been using a T3 1 3/4″ Tourmaline Flat Iron which cost just around the same price as the KQC model.

The main problems with my old T3 iron were:

  • It took a long time to straighten my hair and I had to pass over my hair multiple times to get it straight-ish. I usually ran out of time in the morning, so my hair often looked “straight-frizzy” (see the photo below).
  • If I took the time to go over my hair multiple times to get it as straight as possible, my old flat iron took all of the body out of my hair. I’ve worked really hard to repair the condition of my hair and make it thicker, so this was really frustrating. My hair would look lifeless and thin.

Testing the X-Heat on My Straight Hair

To put the KQC X-Heat Iron to the test, I decided to first straighten my hair with my old flat iron. Here’s what my hair looked like after doing my standard straightening with my old iron (after I saw this photo, I was in shock at how frizzy my “straightened” hair looked!):

I then plugged in the KQC X-Heat Iron and set it to 349 degrees, the max temperature the instruction guide said to use for normal textured hair. (Oops – I had been putting my old iron at 410! The KQC iron also goes up to 410 if you want it that hot.) One of the nice features I noticed right away was that the X-Heat’s red temperature light turns off once it reaches your desired temperature. The light on my old flat iron would stay on all of the time so you never knew if it was hot enough or not.

As it was heating up, I stuck it in the flat iron holder that FlatIronExperts.com provided. At first I thought, “What a fun way to advertise their company!” but then I realized it was actually really useful. I have accidentally left my flat iron on the carpet or near meltable items multiple times and have damaged them. The flat iron holder was perfect and kept the hot iron from damaging anything.

I sprayed on a quick spray of the KQC Thermal Shine and – wow. It was heavily scented and reminded me of cologne. I’m really sensitive to chemical smells so it might have been fine for someone else, but I can’t see myself using it because the smell was so off-putting.  (It comes free with your purchase of the KQC X-Heat though, so you can take it or leave it depending on your scent tolerance.)

I carried on though and started to use the KQC X-Heat. The first thing I noticed is that when the ceramic plates came together on my hair, it made a soft sound like the flat irons at the salon. I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but I have had “ceramic plate envy” ever since I first had one used on my hair. My old flat iron is also made of ceramic plates infused with Tourmaline (gemstone), but the design is different so they’re very loud and metallic sounding when they touch.

With only one pass over my hair, my hair was straighter than three or four passes with my old flat iron. I had my whole head done in only two minutes! The best part is that my hair retained its body despite being straightened. The box for the X-Heat says “enhance hair shine,” “reduce frizz,” and “soften hair,” and I can say that it lived up to every single one of those claims!

The amazing thing is that the plates for this model are a solid 3/4″ thinner than my old flat iron, yet they straightened my hair faster and better. The whole reason I bought a 1 3/4″ iron originally was because I thought that bigger plates would work faster. I guess I was wrong!

Testing the X-Heat on My Curly Hair

The next day, I put the KQC X-Heat to the test on my air-dried, curly ponytail. When left to air dry in a ponytail, my curls get very tight, especially on the underside of the ponytail, and are difficult to undo. It would take about five minutes with my old flat iron, and my hair was left with a lot of frizz.

I cranked the X-Heat all of the way up to the maximum temperature of 410 – I’d need it for those curls!

I was a little surprised that it took me just as long to undo my curls with the X-Heat as it did my old flat iron. However, once they were undone, my hair was silky, shiny, and felt like it had never been curly!  It was a huge improvement over my old flat iron.

I highly recommend the KQC X-Heat! I have now tucked away my old flat iron in my closet and am using the X-Heat exclusively. It is working great! :)

Interested in Buying the KQC X-Heat?

Head on over to the Flat Iron Experts website to purchase the X-Heat for $159.95. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well as free shipping over $50!

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