Natural Solutions for Slow Hair Growth

Our hair is a major component of our overall appearance.  For some, their hair is a great source of pride; for others, it’s a personal statement.

And for some of us who are perhaps a little less fortunate, our hair can represent a stressful element of style and appearance, especially for those of us dealing with thinning, easily damaged hair, or the very common problem of slow hair growth.  While there are a variety of factors, both elemental and genetic, which can cause problematic hair issues such as these, the good news is that there are also several ways the problem can be addressed naturally and effectively.

Primary Causes of Thinning Hair or Slow Hair Growth

Thinning hair or slow hair growth can be the result of several different factors.  You may simply be genetically inclined to suffer these hair issues, or they could be the result of side effects from medication.  Hair can become brittle from over-styling or environmental damage.  Even your choice of shampoo could be sabotaging your hair, damaging not only your individual hair strands, but also your scalp and hair follicles which is a major cause of slow hair growth or hair thinning.  However, many of the causes of these conditions can actually be addressed for reparation with the same remedies, as the common factor tends to be an underlying nutritional deficiency.

Natural Remedies for Thinning Hair and Slow Hair Growth

Nutritional deficiencies can play a large role in thinning hair and slow hair growth.  The quality of the food we eat is decreasing and it is becoming harder to access all of the necessary hair growth nutrients on a daily basis.  Two essential elements that are known to support healthy cell structure and promote cellular regeneration are biotin and MSM (Methylsolfonylmethane).   Both of these nutrients can be found in small quantities in common foods we eat, but people fighting hair loss or trying to improve the overall health and rate of growth of their hair benefit from additional supplements of these nutrients.

There are natural topical applications, as well, which can be of great benefit to hair and scalp health, which inevitably promote hair strength, shine and even growth.  A restorative topical product, applied directly to the hair and scalp, can help improve overall hair health and slow hair growth.  Nutritional supplementation and topical applications work particularly well when combined, as they address both internal and external factors of slow hair growth.

Other natural remedies for these conditions involve treating your hair and scalp to the moisture and reparative qualities found in oil treatments (such as Mira hair oil), vinegar rinses, and hair masks made of naturally nourishing organic elements such as honey, coconut milk and even egg yolk.

Your hair is an important part of your image.  You don’t have to just accept thinning hair or slow hair growth as your fate when you can easily improve the health and appearance of your hair by taking a few important steps.  Just like you can improve your body with diet and exercise, you can improve your hair by treating it internally and externally with nourishing supplements and treatments.

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