The Natural Benefits of a Vinegar Rinse for Your Hair

Healthy looking hair is something every woman strives to achieve and maintain, though this can be easier said than done, especially with all the styling and coloring and general abuse we put our hair through on a daily basis.

vinegar rinse for hairThere are a lot of expensive treatments out there which claim to reverse the damage cause by this hair abuse, but there are also a variety of natural remedies.  These natural remedies have stood the test of time through practical application of multiple generations of women with the same desire of maintaining healthy, radiant locks without the use of harsh, environmentally detrimental chemicals, and without spending a lot of money. In fact, one of the most popular and effective natural remedies for damaged hair could be found right in your own kitchen. A natural vinegar rinse for hair is easy to make, and the benefits of this holistic approach to hair care are impressive.

What Does a Vinegar Rinse for Your Hair Do, Exactly?

A simple vinegar rinse for hair has been used by women for ages to bring out the natural shine and luster of their hair. Apple cider vinegar is the ingredient of choice for making a homemade vinegar rinse for hair, and this element can be combined with a variety of other natural ingredients, such as fresh herbs, to incorporate additional benefits to the overall health and appearance of hair. One very common natural treatment, especially for dry or damaged hair, but also for improving the appearance of hair’s thickness, is a mix of cider vinegar and sage.

The Primary Benefits of a Sage and Vinegar Rinse for Hair

The particular properties of sage interact with those of the cider vinegar to produce a thickening effect on each individual strand of hair. The cider vinegar works to improve shine and radiance of color, but when combined with this common garden herb, a sage and vinegar rinse for hair can dramatically improve hair’s overall appearance and health, including the added benefit of suppression of gray hairs.

How to Make a Sage and Vinegar Rinse for Your Hair

Making your own sage and vinegar rinse is easy, and the ingredients, obviously, are simple to obtain. Start by boiling fresh sage to make a sort of tea from the herbs. When this is complete, strain the mixture to remove the sage, itself and let it cool. When you are ready to apply your sage and vinegar rinse, simply combine the tea with equal parts cider vinegar. This remedy is used as a rinse, and doesn’t need to remain in the hair very long, as do some treatments, and the results appear immediately upon completion of the treatment.

There are other natural herbs which can be used in conjunction with a cider vinegar rinse for hair, some with additional benefits to hair’s health and appearance, and some simply for their aromatic qualities to make the experience more enjoyable to the senses, overall. Regardless, this is a treatment with a long standing reputation for giving hair a healthy, strong, and lustrous appearance with simple ingredients found right in your kitchen.

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