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Imagine having access to a database of thousands of virtual hairstyles that you can instantly try on your own photograph to see how you would look with a particular hairstyle.

It would allow you to print your photograph with your selected hairstyle on your head and show it to family and friends, asking their opinion on it before dashing off to the hairdresser and finding out afterwards that nobody else likes it.  You could take your photograph with your selected hairstyle on and show it to your hairdresser, telling him or her: “This is how I want to look!”

Well, all of this is now possible, thanks to the innovative website called TheHairStyler (also referred to as The Hair Styler), which uses its state-of the art software to help you select the perfect hairstyle for yourself over the Internet in the convenience of your own home.

TheHairStyler’s computer hair imaging tool allows you to see what you look like with different virtual hairstyles, hair colors and makeup and gives you the chance to test a new hairstyle before visiting your hairdressing salon.

Who’s it For?

The website TheHairStyler has a database of thousands of different virtual hairstyles for both women and men. As it is a membership site with a paid subscription, it might be more beneficial to people who change their hairstyles on a regular basis. However, the annual subscription fee is so low that people who only change their hairstyle once or twice a year might still benefit from the website’s convenient and easy way to find the perfect new hairstyle that suits them. Additionally, users can find a ton of information and professional advice about hairstyles, hair care and hairstyling on the website, and as such it is a very valuable resource for anyone looking for this kind of information.

With its huge database of over 5,000 different kinds of hairstyles, TheHairStyler is suitable for everyone to use, making sure that you will find a hairstyle that suits you and that you like as well.


  • Not only do you get thousands of salon hairstyles to choose from, but TheHairStyler also features various celebrity hairstyles as part of their massive database.
  • To keep up with new hairstyling trends, the database of virtual hairstyles is expanded each week with brand new salon and also celebrity hairstyles that are added every week.
  • In addition to hairstyles that you can try on virtually, you also get 50 colors as well as 35 highlights to create an almost unlimited range of hairstyle variations that you can experiment with.
  • Each and every hairstyle provides information on its suitability for specific facial shapes, hair textures and hair densities.
  • In order to see the total picture, you could in addition experiment with different facets of makeup on your photo, which include aspects such as blush, foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyelashes, eyeliner, lip liner as well as lipstick.
  • As a way to find out what family and friends will think about your newly selected hairstyles, TheHairStyler has made it very simple to share it with them on Facebook, on the TheHairStyler’s own Virtual Makeovers Gallery, via email, or simply by printing them and showing it around.
  • TheHairStyler’s professional hairstyle consultation helps users to discover their perfect hairstyle.
  • Because you pay a small membership subscription free for the use of TheHairStyler, you get the benefit of ad-free browsing on the website.

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How to Use

To start off with, you simply need to sign up to become a member and pay the $14.95 annual subscription fee online. Thereafter, you need to upload your photo image to the website and then select your photo image in the website’s Virtual Hairstyler section. Your selected photo will now display fir any hairstyle that you view from here on. You can now search for specific hairstyles in the Virtual Hairstyler by providing the software with the specific criteria that you are looking for in simple user-selectable web controls.

Once you have found a hairstyle that you like, you can fiddle around with variations of different hair lengths, textures, colors, highlights and densities to see how these will suit you. You can also experiment with different aspects of makeup to get a better picture of how the total combination of all these factors will look on you.

The website’s software furthermore provides you with a convenient hairstyle suitability rating, which will take your personal features, for instance the shape of your face, your hair texture, your hair density, your age, and various other factors into account, and matches them up with all the characteristics of TheHairStyler’s built-in hairstyles to provide you with an instant and simple indication telling you how well the selected hairstyle is going to suit you.


  • You can quickly discover a suitable and good looking hairstyle that suits you well by searching for specific criteria through all of the virtual hairstyles stored in the website’s database and thereafter experimenting with all of the different hair and makeup settings to get a total unique look based on your own photograph.
  • You get the ability to quickly and conveniently share images of the selected hairstyles and makeovers based on your own photo with others on Facebook, via email, the website’s built-in Virtual Makeovers Gallery, or simply by printing them out.
  • To make it easy to find the hairstyles or makeovers that you’ve completed, you can easily save them to the “My Favorites” section of the website.
  • By making use of the website’s professional hairstyle consultations, you will be able to find the perfect hairstyle for you.
  • TheHairStyler consistently adds new hairstyles each and every week to the website’s database to ensure that you will be kept up to date with new worldwide hairstyling trends.
  • You get ad-free browsing on the site.
  • There is plenty of information and professional advice regarding hair care, different hairstyles and hairstyling available on the website.


  • You need to pay a small annual subscription fee of $14.95 to receive all the benefits of the website.  Luckily, coupons are frequently available.


TheHairStyler gives you basically an unlimited number of virtual hairstyles that you can experiment with on your own photo; you can easily share this online or offline and you can get professional consultations and an abundance of information related to hair care and hairstyles. If all of this seem quite worthwhile to you, then paying the small subscription fee should not really have to be an issue.

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TheHairStyler Reviews

The Wall Street Journal called it “the most realistic virtual hairstyler.”  What did you think about TheHairStyler?  Leave your review in the comments below!

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