Three Important Reasons to Avoid Sulfates in Shampoo

There’s no question that when it comes to choosing a good shampoo, there are literally thousands of options. But the right shampoo can make all the difference in the health and overall appearance of your hair, so making the right choice among this overwhelming assortment can be a big deal.

sulfates in shampooFortunately, there is one element of shampoo selection that can help you narrow down your choices significantly, and, more importantly, choose a shampoo with confidence that you’re doing something good for your hair, as opposed to the inevitable damage that can be cause by the chemical content of many popular shampoo brands. Sulfates in shampoo are very common, but they are an unnecessary chemical component which can cause long term damage to both hair and scalp by promoting extreme dryness. A dry scalp can be itchy, and excessively dry hair can become brittle and prone to unnecessary damage. By choosing sulfate free shampoo, you have found a simple way to avoid over-drying and damage. Here are three important reasons to avoid sulfates in shampoo.

Sulfates and Scalp Health

You can’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp. A dry scalp can lead to all sorts of unpleasant issues, including dandruff and itchiness. In addition, excessive scalp dryness reduces the hair follicles ability to produce healthy, vibrant hair. A dry scalp can slow hair growth as well as lead to thinning, fragile and lifeless hair. Avoid sulfates in shampoo to quickly improve scalp health, reversing the effects of the damaging chemical content of shampoo brands previously used.

Sulfates and Hair Health

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Healthy hair is shiny, beautiful hair with inherent body and bounce. This is true for the majority of hair types and styles, and the overall health of your hair can be greatly affected by the sulfates in shampoo – and not for the better. When you avoid sulfates in shampoo by searching out chemical free brands with natural ingredients, you allow your hair and scalp to maintain their natural moisture and oils, promoting shine and body as well as strength and rate of growth.

Environmental Responsibility

In today’s society, we have grown accustomed to the presence of chemicals in many of our personal care products. But how necessary are they? And what are the long term effects on our health and the environment when we introduce these unnecessary chemicals to our bodies and environment every single day? As far as shampoos are concerned, chemicals are absolutely not a necessary component, and the long term effects on hair and scalp have proven damaging. As far as environmental responsibility is concerned with regard to our personal care products, well, every little effort that is made to eliminate one unnecessary chemical at a time is beneficial overall. When you avoid sulfates in shampoo by simply choosing an all natural brand, you are doing your part in the grand scheme of environmental responsibility, as well as something beneficial for the overall health of your hair and scalp.

These are just a few of the very compelling reasons to avoid sulfates in shampoo for the good of not only your hair and scalp, but also for the good of the environment.

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